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Sterling Silver Pet Lover Collection Charms. Select Your favorite Pet Charm. We have nine different dog (Pet) charms to choose from. They are all so adorable it is hard to make a decision which one you want.

(6165) Sterling Silver Labrador Dog Charm. Labrador owners, and anyone who loves working dogs, will be delighted with this layered dog charm that highlights the strength and friendliness of this dog breed. This dog charm can represent many dogs in the working group.

Measurement (mm): Length: 14 Width: 13 Height: 1.5mm

(6166) Sterling Silver Pitbull Dog Charm, This layered dog charm showcases the friendly, dependable nature of bull dogs, highlighting it’s lovable smile. This little pit bull charm is ready to play!

Measurement (mm): Length: 20 Width: 8 Height: 1.5mm

(6167) Sterling Silver Poodle Dog Charm, will please proud poodle parents. The layered pom-poms of the elaborate continental clip is sure to please. And, throw out the stereotype of poodle’s as aristocratic sissies. Anyone who’s interacted with poodles know they’re athletic and wickedly-smart dogs; and, one of the best companions in dogdom. Simply thread this poodle charm onto finished chain for a quick charm necklace.

Measurement (mm): Length: 12 Width: 16 Height: 1.5mm

(6171) Sterling Silver Maltese Dog Charm, but it could easily be a Shih Tzu, a small Terrier, a Lhasa Apso, or any small breed with a wiry coat. These spunky dogs range in personality from playful, charming, and adaptable, to fearless, entertaining mustached-devils! But they are all loyal companions, who will make your next return home a true celebration.

Measurement (mm): Length: 16 Width: 12 Height: 1.5mm

(6168) Sterling Silver Dachshund Dog Charm commemorates one of the most popular dog breeds of all time – AKC ranks dachshunds in the top ten! Its long, low sihouette is unmistakable, and oh-so cute, having (6167)its popular nickname – the wiener dog. While the dachshund is ridiculously cute, it’s vivacious personality is what really earns this pooch its super-star status. Weiner dogs are stubborn, courageous, alert, smart, and tireless!

Measurement (mm): Length: 13 Width: 16 Height: 1.5mm

(6170) Sterling Silver Pug Dog Charm, celebrates one of the most lovable dogs of the dog kingdom. Pugs are one of the few dogs bred purely for companionship. They live to love, and to be loved in return. And, who can resist those human-like expressions of surprise, curiosity, and joy?!

Measurement (mm): Length: 18 Width: 10 Height: 1.5mm

(6251) Sterling Silver French Bulldog Dog Charm pays tribute to one adorable puppy! The one-of-a-kind French Bulldog, with his large bat ears and even disposition, is one of the world’s most popular small-dog breeds, especially among city dwellers. In a recent survey, the French bulldog topped the charts for NYC’s most popular dog! No wonder – the Frenchie is playful, alert, adaptable, and completely irresistible.

Measurement (mm): Length: 19 Width: 12 Height: 1.5mm

(6235) Sterling Silver Chihuahua Dog Charm celebrates one of the most loyal dogs around. Prized for their loving companionship, your lap will quickly become a chihuahua’s sole property. Famous for their over-sized, apple-shaped foreheads & googly eyes, these tiny dogs have giant personalities.

Measurement (mm): Length: 18 Width: 12 Height: 1.5mm

(6255) Sterling Silver Layered Husky Dog Charm showcases the breed’s strength, and thick coat with distinctive markings. Bred for great endurance, huskies are famous for hauling sleds over great expanses of snow and ice. As born pack dogs, huskies thoroughly enjoy family life. In fact, their innate friendliness make them rather indifferent watchdogs!

Measurement (mm): Length: 21 Width: 8 Height: 1.5mm

Thread these dog charms onto finished chain for a quick charm necklace.

– 5mm closed Sterling Silver Jumpring attached to each charm.

These items are a Nina Designs Original.
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