Gold Plated and Rose Gold Collection

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Gold Plated and Rose Gold Collection.

Rose Gold Jewelry has long been a popular choice for Bridal and Valentines Day Jewelry as its soft, warm tone symbolizes love. It is this rich, warm, rosy gold color that makes Rose Gold so special and sought after. Rose gold is created by increasing the copper-colored alloys normally found in gold and decreasing the silver-colored alloys. Rose gold contains as much gold as yellow gold but is slightly pinker in color.

Our Shiny Gold Charms are plated with 98.5% pure gold covered with a thin layer of 14K gold plate. The total plating thickness is 40 micro inches of gold over sterling silver.

Our Gold collection is plated in thick 24k over sterling silver. What a perfect way to create affordable jewelry with the rich glow of real gold! Our gold plate is thick enough that it won’t easily wear off like many inexpensive gold washes do. Instead, they hold up well and offer endless design possibilities.