Finger Rings

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Finger Rings with clusters of stones are a hot new trend. Dive into new design possibilities with our collection of elegant finger rings from  Create a cocktail ring in minutes by adding a burst of color to a simple silver band or keep it spare by showcasing one special bead. Stack sterling silver rings mixed with gold or bronze rings to create dramatic combinations. Either way, these new jewelry parts open the door to ring sales for designers who don’t solder metals. We have combined classic silhouettes with fun patterns to create a line of rings with a distinctive look. Feel free to mix and match! We hope you enjoy these rings as much as we do!

  • Sterling Silver Swirl Adjustable Ring – R164

  • Sterling Silver & Natural Bronze Textured Adjustable Snake Ring

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  • Sterling Silver Stacking Element Rings Fire, Water, Earth and Air

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  • Sterling Silver Adjustable Simple Snake Ring – R80

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  • Sterling Silver Infinity Snake Ring – R135

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  • Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring, R121

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  • Sterling Silver Anatomical Heart Ring – R92

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  • Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring

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  • Mixed Metal Sun and Moon Adjustable Ring

  • Sterling Silver Always Sisters Forever Friends Ring

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  • Adjustable Snake Rings – Sterling Silver, Natural Bronze, R47, QD

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  • Silver Snake Pendant with Bronze Moon and Stars – A6329

  • Silver Infinity Snake Pendant with Sun and Moon – S6318

  • Token Initial Rings – Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Filled

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  • Ouroboros Ring with Snake on Front – R89

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  • Sterling Silver Vertical Bar Ring with Moon Phases

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  • Sterling Silver Adjustable Flower and Bee Rings

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  • Sterling Silver Ring with Bronze Cherry Blossom

  • sterling silver antler ring

    Sterling Silver Adjustable Antler Ring

  • Sterling Mermaid Ring – Adjustable, RG525