Sterling Silver Large Feather Earrings – E4251


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Sterling Silver Large Feather Earrings.  Simply gorgeous detailed feather earrings.  Feathers mean a lot to Native American Tribes. A feather isn’t just something that falls out of a bird, it means much more. The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things. … Many Indians believe that if they are given this feather, it is a symbol from above.  If any Indian is given Golden or Bald Eagle feathers it is one of the most rewarding items they can ever be handed. Indians believe that eagles have a special connection with the heavens since they fly so high. Many Indians believe that if they are given this feather, it is a symbol from above. They believe that the eagle is the leader of all birds, because it flies as high as it does and sees better than all the birds.  Once an Indian receives a feather he must take care of it, and many will hang it up in their homes. It is disrespectful to hide it away in a drawer or a closet. An Indian will be given a feather to hold on to or to wear, and if they hold it they must put it out for everyone to see. This will be a constant reminder of how to behave.  An eagle feather is a lot like the American flag, it must be handled with care and can never be dropped on the ground.

Measurements (mm): Length: 47 Width: 10 Height: 1 -The length is from the top of the ear wire.

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Dimensions 47 × 10 × 1 mm


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