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Sterling Silver Horseback Riding Stirrup Charm.
Throughout history, the stirrup has played an important role in shaping our world, dating all the way back to the Jin Dynasty (265 – 420AD). By allowing the rider to communicate with and better control the horse, it changed everything from transportation to warfare. Some scholars even consider the stirrup to be one of the “basic tools” used to create and spread modern civilization – making it as important as the printing press or wheel. Nowadays, modern day Cowboys and Cowgirls saddle up with the assistance of the stirrup – whether riding for work or pleasure – and the Equestrian Sports would be lost without this invaluable tool. This unique charm makes a great gift for the horse riding enthusiast in your life!
Measurements (mm): Length: 14 Width: 6.5 Height: 3

Pet Charms, Western, Animals
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Dimensions 14 x 6.5 x 3 mm


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