Contemporary Hammered Earrings





Contemporary Earrings. Hammered Fluid design provides one hidden loop for hanging. Handmade in Bali.
Choose from Sterling Silver, 18k Rose Gold, 24k Gold Plated & Natural Bronze.

Size (mm): 21 x 4.4 x .9
Sold 1 Pair Per Listed Price.

Satin 24K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earring with Hammer Finish Front. Satin Finish “Vermeil Style”.
Our bronze is imported from Italy and is a high quality alloy of copper and tin. It has slightly more copper than our Thai bronze to make it soft enough for handwork. An anti-tarnish finish added to the surface. This protective layer will delay but not eliminate eventual oxidation.
For Rosegold, we add a thin layer of 18K Rosegold, finished with a nanopolymer coating to protect the surface and retard oxidation.

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