Weekly Treasure Trunk Sale

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Looking for a bargain?  Here is where you will find it in our weekly treasure trunk sale.  Each week we will showcase a collection with a coupon code to save you money.  Here you’ll find our carefully selected picks, at low prices, which change every week. This way you know you’ll always find a new deal!  Dig into the treasure chest and save.

Select Items on Special this week.  The price is already REDUCED.  We hope you enjoy the SAVINGS.  All sale items must be purchased from the weekly treasure trunk sale to receive the discount.

  • Moon Phases Festoon – L1381, Celestial Charms

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  • Sterling Silver Etched Moon Phases Festoon – L1760

  • Sterling Silver and Bronze Moon, Star and Sun Festoon - C3160, Celestial Charms

    Star and Sun Festoon Pendant – S3160

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    Sterling Silver Feather And Heart Ring

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  • Sale!

    Sterling Silver Lotus Post Earrings – E1385, Sale

  • Sale!

    Tiny Silver Plated Bronze Lotus Charm – C868

  • Sale!

    Sterling Silver Lotus Post Earrings – E1385

  • Sale!

    Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant – C391

  • Sale!

    Sterling Silver Celtic Sun and Star Pendant

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    Sterling Silver Amulet Charms

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  • Seed of Life Lotus Charm - C1508, Sterling Silver, Flower of Life, Fruit of Life, Geometric Shapes

    Sterling Silver Seed of Life Charm -A1508

  • Sale! Sterling Silver Flower of Life Charm - C1509, Zen Yoga, Flower, Symbolic Charm, Spirit

    Sterling Silver Flower of Life Charm

  • Sale! Sterling Silver Labyrinth Pendant - C1539, Yoga Charms,  Spiritual Transformation

    Sterling Silver Labyrinth Pendant – 1539

  • Sale! Sterling Silver Mustache Charm - C1197, Classic, Whimsical, Fun Charms

    Sterling Silver Mustache Charm – C1197

  • Sale! Sri Yantra Charm Sterling Silver - C1510, Zen Yoga, Symbolic Charm, Spirit

    Sri Yantra Charm Sterling Silver – C1510

  • Sale!

    Sterling Silver Cocoa Bean Charm

  • Sale!

    Yoga Lotus Position Pendant – 60% Off Sale