String and Prayer Bracelet Designs



Design Ideas:

Create string and prayer bracelets, we have about everything you need here to get started with this lovely bracelet design.  Have fun creating and designing Jewelry. 

Design Instructions:

1. Attach loop to jump ring on lobster clasp.
2. String stop bead leaving a 3″ tail, then rethread needle at other end.
3. String 4 1/2″ seed beads, 17 faceted beads and 1 jump ring.
4. Pass back all beads a few at a time, If snug use pliers to pull needle.
5. Remove stop bead.  Add tail onto needle.
6 String on clasp.
7. Remove needle.  Tie snug knot.  Secure with glue.
8. Trim Tassel.
9. Use remaining jump ring to attach charm to jump ring on lobster clasp.

Supplies Needed:

*  1 Ohm Charm
*  1 Lobster Clasp
*  17 3.5mm Spacer Beads
*  3 Oval Jump rings
African Trade Beads or Size 8 Round Seed Beads
20″ Embroidery Floss

Tools Needed:
* Scissors
* Big Eye Needle
* Chain Nose Pliers (2)
* Adhesive
* Ruler

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