Infinity Bracelet Design Ideas



Simple and stylish, this adjustable bracelet design uses a TierraCast Infinity Centerpiece link with leather cord and Deco Barrel Beads. Change up cord colors and metal finishes for variety!

Items Needed:
Infinity Centerpiece Link, Antiqued Copper Plate – Sold Individually or ask us about quantity discounts.
This beautifully designed variation of the infinity symbol is slightly curved to make it perfect as a bracelet focal. Large holes were engineered for cold-connecting with TierraCast eyelets or rivets, and it’s also a cinch to use as a connector in designs with jump rings, or cords, ribbons and other large stringing materials.

Product Details
Width (mm): 35.1 mm
Height (mm): 14.8 mm
Thickness: 2.4 mm
Loop Inner Diameter (mm): 2.5 mm
Materials and Finish: Cadmium & Lead free Pewter, Copper plate with antiqued finish
Country of Origin: USA

Deco 4x2mm Barrel Bead, Antiqued Copper Plate, 10 per Pack
These barrel beads have 4x2mm holes large enough to accomodate large stringing materials like round cords, suede lace, and ribbons. They can be crimped to hold materials in place use a hammer and block, tapping gently until hold is achieved!

Product Details
Width (mm): 9.3 mm
Height (mm): 6 mm
Hole Diameter (mm): 2.2 x 4.7 mm
Materials and Finish: Cadmium & Lead free Pewter, Copper plate with antiqued finish
Country of Origin: USA

Cut leather into two 7” pieces.
Thread the end of one cord through one barrel bead, up through hole at one end of focal link, and back through barrel bead.
Tie an overhand knot at end of cord and tighten securely.
Adjust knot and bead so that they are next to the focal link.
Repeat Steps 2-4 with second piece of cord.
Thread loose ends of cords through the third barrel bead from opposite directions.
Tie an overhand knot at the end of each cord and tighten securely.
Use flat nose pliers, crimping pliers or hammer* to flatten the barrel bead just enough to lightly grip the cords and make the bracelet adjustable.
Optional: Repeat Step 8 to secure barrel beads in place next to the focal link.

* Each tool will create a different effect on the bead.
Please check our bead selection for beading ideas.

Supplies needed

1 Infinity Link
3 4x2mm Deco Barrel Beads
14″ 2mm round leather cord, brown

flat nose pliers
crimping pliers or hammer
jeweler’s cement

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Size: Adjustable Bracelet

Additional information

Dimensions N/A


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